Single Horse Carriages

A single horse carriage driving vehicle is any carriage or cart designed to be pulled by one horse or pony. These can be two or four wheeled vehicles, and they can be marathon or pleasure carriage driving vehicles.

Vintage Style Trolley - Wagon 14 - 20 passengers

$10,000.00 USD

Vis a Vis

$3,500.00 USD

Beautifully Restored Durant Dort Fringe-Top Surrey

$2,995.00 USD


$3,400.00 USD

Commercial Vis a vis

$2,500.00 USD

Marathon Bird in Hand Flyer

$3,600.00 USD

Restored Durant-Dort Doctors Buggy

$5,500.00 USD

Doctor's Buggy

$2,200.00 USD

Draft Size Road Cart

$2,000.00 USD

Draft Size Doctor's Buggy

$2,000.00 USD

Horse Drawn Buggy

$700,000.00 USD

1910 Pony Wicker Phaeton

$1,500.00 USD

Landau Carriage

$12,000.00 USD


$700.00 USD

Fringed Buggy-Dr. Buggy

$1,200.00 USD

New Reproduction Stagecoach

$25,000.00 USD

Brougham for restoration


Fringe Top Surrey

$1,600.00 USD

Doctor Carriage

$3,200.00 USD

Slat-Sided Phaeton

$10,000.00 USD

City Cart Seats Four

$2,500.00 USD

Meadowbrook Cart

$900.00 USD

Bird in Hand Eagle

$4,500.00 USD


$10,000.00 USD

Outing Wagon

$3,250.00 USD


$4,200.00 USD

Vis-à-vis RABER Carriage (White & Burgandy)

$5,500.00 USD

Vis-a-Vis FISHER Carriage (White & Gold)

$5,500.00 USD

McLaughlin Piano Box Buggy

$2,700.00 USD

Show or Presentation Carriage

$4,000.00 USD

Show Cart For Sale

$2,400.00 USD

Doctor Buggy

$1,250.00 USD

Two Wheel Gig

$1,890.00 USD

Antique Doctor's Buggy

$2,500.00 USD

Beautiful country gig with cane

$5,000.00 USD

J Brown Stage Coach

$19,400.00 USD

Carriage, wood wagonette

$2,600.00 USD


$5,000.00 USD

New Style Surry

$4,800.00 USD

Still in the Crate - Frey Carriage for Sale

$2,850.00 USD

Kuhnle 191 horse size marathon carriage

$5,500.00 USD

Cutter for sale

$6,800.00 USD

Oak Buckboard Carriage

$5,000.00 USD

Vintage Staver & Abbott Run-About Buggy

$1,200.00 USD