Pair or Multi Horse Carriages

A pair or multi-horse carriage driving vehicle is any carriage or cart designed to be pulled by more than one horse or pony. These can be two or four wheeled vehicles, and they can be marathon or pleasure carriage driving vehicles.

Pacific Carriage Wagonette

$4,700.00 USD

New Bird in Hand Single or Pair

$6,200.00 USD

Team Driving Cart for Mini's

$2,400.00 USD


$22,000.00 USD

Brewster Victoria

$15,000.00 USD

Glass Landau

$11,500.00 USD

Park Drag / Road Coach (British)

$40,000.00 USD

2004 Roberts Limousine Carriage

$5,000.00 USD

Surrey 1890 rebuilt

$4,000.00 USD

Single or Pair Marathon Carriage

$3,800.00 USD

Flandrau-Trap (1902)

$15,000.00 USD