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Harness Fit - courtesy of Stitch 'n Hitch
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Measuring your horse/pony

Whether you specify a weight range or you buy a harness for a particular horse, we need specific measurements to ensure a proper fit. The ratio of head, girth, body length, and weight varies greatly between breeds. If you want the same harness for two different sized horses, please send measurements for at least one horse and specify the weight range desired.

When you order a harness, we need to know the breed of the horse plus each of the following measurements:

  1. Length of head—from base of ears to bottom of nose.
  2. Girth—circumference of the body about 4" behind the front legs.
  3. Body length—straight line from point of shoulder to buttocks.
This article was provided courtesy of Stitch n' Hitch. Please visit them at http://www.ruralheritage.com/harness.


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