Carriage Driving Ads BRONSON Florida

  • Ad PLaced: 10/16/2018
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$4,700.00 USD


This Pacific was a special edition, with only four ever made. List price $14,100. 00 plus tax. Single would be OK for Pleasure shows on the flat, etc. I do not have the shafts for it, however spare parts are around. It is more suited for pairs or fours. It has hydraulic rear brakes. Never been in an accident, used mainly for shows. In addition it comes with four German Lessing safety quick releases at 14,000 psi and pole straps. It has a spring/shock supported pole for horses with breastplate harness, and it came with an attached single-tree for it to be driven as a single horse vehicle. It is immaculate, Never been in an accident. Used for shows only

State : Florida
Price : $4,700.00 USD
Size : full horse size
Type : Pair,Pleasure Vehicle,