Carriage Driving Ads Spring Grove Illinois

  • Ad PLaced: 3/5/2018
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$3,300.00 USD


Horse-sized Summitview Excalibur Marathon carriage for sale. Suitable for 15h and larger. Great condition. Full 5th wheel. Wedge driver’s seat that can be set to center or to the side. Rear drum brakes. 2 sets of shafts - 1 set of long standard shafts, 1 set of short, looped marathon shafts including the open tug harness pieces. Groom's stand removable pad. Protective cover included. Stable enough to school with driving alone. Not so narrow and top-heavy to worry you when working solo. Just tall enough that I could see but did not leave me feeling perched too high. Heavy enough to be strong, but light enough to be fast. Weighs 408 lbs. Even though my mare was big and strong, I wanted that strength to go to speed in competition, but I did not want extra vehicle weight to burn up her endurance. Wheel diameter is a bit larger than other vehicles I had seen so it rolls easier in rough terrain. Wheels span over the holes and ruts rather than falling down into them.

City : Spring Grove
State : Illinois
Price : $3,300.00 USD
Size : Horse size, 4 wheeler
Type : Single,Marathon Vehicle,Pleasure Vehicle,